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Supply Chain Operations

Highly efficient, digital end-to-end supply chain operations solution.

SpendVu is a cloud-based software tool that modernizes healthcare supply chain operations by streamlining, automating, and organizing the manual tasks and hand-offs. We partner with our clients to digitally connect departments, centralize data, and customize workflows to enable your operations and financials to be as state-of-the-art as the patient care you provide.

Organize and Automate your Manual Tasks

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Did You Know

Digitizing both process and data management provides tremendous value to the quality of patient care and can help control cost? This results in happier and healthier patients and bottom line savings.



Automates work intake demand and design simple-to-complex online business processes

Solution For Workflow Automation

RequestVu gives you the ability to automatically allocate and track tasks throughout the entire system. Because processes are moved completely online, best practices can be standardized system-wide. RequestVu captures input from all stakeholders. Read More

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Provides an online collaboration workspace to connect real and virtual teams

Solution for Project Management

ProjectVu ensures that activities are governed by a workflow engine that manages best-practice sourcing strategies and guides projects through a series of standardized milestones. Financial reporting across all aspects of the project. Read More

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Bridges ERP systems with traditional contract life-cycle management functionality

Solution for Contract Administration

ContractVu includes contract lifecycle management, as part of a project. This solution creates a single view of contracts and items across entire organization which may involve extracting contracts and item data from multiple systems.  Read More

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Move Towards An Effortless Healthcare Supply Chain

We Want To Be Your Partner

At SpendVu we are deeply committed to helping you maximize your supply chain operations by utilizing technology. We partner with each of our clients to provide a personalized solution that meets their unique needs. Our team brings years of experience implementing best practices ranging from setting up value analysis workflows, standardizing project implementation checklists, generating waterfall financial forecast reports, and more! Read more about Our Team.


Acute Care Facilities Nationwide


Sourcing Initiatives Managed Yearly (and growing!)


Healthcare Focused.

Bridge Departmental Gaps

Multidisciplinary teams collaborating to find optimal products and build beneficial supplier relationships have a major impact in lowering prices. But how can you promote collaboration when each department within supply chain operates in a silo?

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What Our Clients Say

We are able to provide transparency to all management levels of the Sutter Health system because of VMS functionality.

Dennis A Maher, VP Supply Chain, Sutter Health

The SpendVu staff have always gone that extra mile to maximize our use and have been very proactive in engaging and partnering with us to continue to refine while expand our use of the VMS Tool.

Jim DeFazio, Director, Clinical Value Analysis & Pharmacy Services, Bon Secours Health System

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