Streamline and Standardize

your Healthcare Supply Chain

SpendVu pioneers solutions that drive supply chain innovation, cost reduction and greater value management in the healthcare industry.

Our Value Management System (VMS) provides transparency throughout the healthcare supply chain. It manages everything from intake and outsourcing, to contracting and implementation, all from a single platform.


Move Towards An Effortless Healthcare Supply Chain

Our Solutions:

Our Value Management System (VMS) goes above and beyond to integrate your supply chain at every touchpoint. The VMS solution is composed of three modules: Request Management, Project Management, and Contract Management. Use a module as a stand alone solution or all three as an enterprise, end to end solution to streamline your supply chain operations.


Request Management

Request Management

The Request Management Tool (RMT) gives you the ability to automatically allocate and track tasks throughout the entire system. Because processes are moved completely online, best practices can be standardized system-wide. RMT captures input from all stakeholders. Read More


Project Management

Project Management

The VMS Project Management application ensures that activities are governed by a workflow engine that manages best-practice sourcing strategies and guides projects through a series of standardized milestones. Financial reporting across all aspects of the project. Read More


Contract Administration

Contract Administration

The VMS Contract Administration Solution includes contract lifecycle management, as part of a project. This solution creates a single view of contracts and items across entire organization which may involve extracting contracts and item data from multiple systems.  Read More