SAN FRANCISCOApril 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SpendVu LLC, a leading healthcare supply chain optimization software provider, announced today that it has partnered with Finix. This solution alliance between Finix, a supply chain improvement consulting firm, and SpendVu, a process solutions and data optimization platform, supports SpendVu’s objective to collaborate with implementation and subject matter expert partners to expand the reach of the product’s functionality.

finix partners with spendvu


“This partnership is an important milestone for our growth strategy. We are excited to collaborate with Finix and become the foundation platform for their process improvement services.” Comments Deana Del Vecchio, Director of Business Operations for SpendVu. “Finix’s expertise in the process improvement space complements our current product offering, and we are very excited to collaborate with them on future projects.”

The SpendVu’s Value Management System includes three software solutions that simplify all of the touch points in healthcare supply chain operations:

  1. Workflow Automation Solution: Automate business processes and design simple-to-complex online workflows. Engage internal and external stakeholders to accelerate time to completion for new product requests, IT request, Capital Requests, Purchased Service requests, and more!
  2. Supply Chain Project Management Solution: Provides an online collaboration workspace to connect real and virtual teams. Track notes, tasks, milestones, and financials all from within one platform.
  3. Supply Chain Contract Lifecycle Management: Bridges ERP systems with contract life-cycle management functionality. Track all contract statuses and attributes and stay on top of all expiration dates.

Finix is thrilled to enter into a strategic partnership with SpendVu. In an era of unprecedented change and unpredictability, alliances like this will prove essential in delivering impactful solutions and cost reduction strategies to providers and patients alike.

About Finix
Finix, founded in 2000, was built on years of experience and a desire to improve upon standard industry procedures. That’s why our mobile team of expert consultants works beside you, inside your buildings, to discover potential missed savings and make the delicate adjustments needed to the systems you already have in place. Featuring a 20-point Supply Chain assessment, we not only identify what needs fine-tuning, we help you implement solutions.

For more information, visit, email, or visit us on LinkedIn.

About SpendVu
SpendVu’s Value Management System provides process management and data management solutions to automate and streamline supply chain activities. Our solution enables you to refocus your most valuable resources, your employees, onto more rewarding tasks rather than on tracking statuses, tracking paper, and tracking results. Our system is easy to use and requires no support or involvement from your IT Department.

SpendVu’s easy to use, cloud-based solutions give you complete control over your supply chain operations. Design all of your business processes in a drag and drop interface and watch them go live within seconds! Manage all of your data across requests, projects, and contracts within one interface to generate overview reports.

SpendVu is currently implemented in over 300+ acute care facilities and managing sourcing initiatives valued at over $450 million

For more information, visit, email, or follow us on LinkedIn.