Welcome to this week’s edition of SpendVu’s Healthcare IT and Supply Chain News for October 6 2017. Join us on Fridays for a new post featuring select industry related articles that we at SpendVu find interesting, controversial, and/or enlightening.

Catch up on this week’s industry news including news reports all centering on the same topic – bridging cost savings with patient outcomes and still delivering quality care.

  1. 4 Key Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation Growth Areas to Watch in Next 12-18 Months
  2. Room for Improvement in Healthcare Supply Chain
  3. Data is king for hospitals to save money in the supply chain.

#1: “4 Key Healthcare Supply Chain Innovation Growth Areas to Watch in Next 12-18 Months”

By Jasmine Pennic

SpendVu’s thoughts: “Moving to the cloud will allow the healthcare industry to free itself from the limitations of legacy systems, changing the way the industry uses its data and allowing healthcare to become a data-driven industry.” YES! As we wrote about in our 5 Reasons For Digital Transformation, more and more execs are looking to the cloud to bring efficiency gains. 

Article SynopsisIn concert with this week’s “National Healthcare Supply Chain Week” experts in the industry identify four key areas that healthcare supply chain will help to lower costs, drive efficiency and improve outcomes.

Read more at: http://hitconsultant.net/2017/10/03/ghx-healthcare-supply-chain-innovation/


#2: “Room for Improvement in Healthcare Supply Chain”

By The Strategic Sourceror Procurement News

SpendVu’s thoughts: “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” doesn’t hold true for healthcare supply chain operations. With potential savings in the millions, all organizations should be reviewing legacy processes and making sure that every single procurement process is as efficient as possible.

Article SynopsisSupply chain processes is intensified for the health care field due to the special regulations surrounding many of the potentially life-saving devices needed to run a medical practice.  Hospitals can achieve reduction in expenses if they continue to examine and improve. Standardization, automation andbetter data use can help achieve these goals. 

Read more at: http://www.strategicsourceror.com/2017/09/room-for-improvement-in-healthcare.html


#3: “Data is king for hospitals to save money in the supply chain.”

By Jeff Lagasse

SpendVu’s thoughts: You can collect all of the data that you want, but if you do not have a system setup to grant appropriate visibility to stakeholders, then what’s the point? Don’t overlook the dissemination of information as part of implementing data driven processes.

Article SynopsisData is king when it comes to saving money in the healthcare supply chain.  A viewpoint to control the supply chain by structuring content, creating a supply chain formulary and establishing a mechanism for providing compliance.
Read more at: http://www.healthcarefinancenews.com/news/data-king-hospitals-save-money-supply-chain