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  1. Why Open Source Security Matters for Healthcare Organizations
  2. Driving The Clinically Integrated Healthcare Supply Chain
  3. Tech Revolutionizing the Healthcare Supply Chain 

#1: “Why Open Source Security Matters for Healthcare Organizations”

By Elizabeth Snell

Article SynopsisA recent survey indicates lagging open source security, which could have an impact on healthcare covered entities and business associates.  Open source code can be very beneficial to organizations with acquisition and usage policies in place.  When HC organizations deploy open source, it makes it much easier to share data, integrate, and be proactive in network security.  

Read more at: https://healthitsecurity.com/news/why-open-source-security-matters-for-healthcare-orgs


#2: “Driving The Clinically Integrated Healthcare Supply Chain”

By Paul Martyn, contributor for Forbes

Article SynopsisHealthcare Supply Chain ultimately is driven by the goal to provide effective clinical integration to ultimately streamline the delivery of patient benefit.  There is a sea of change occurring in the healthcare’s supply chain management practices.  The Supplier Performance Management (SPM) tool market is exploding such as cloud computing, the relative ease of data integration and the addition of risk information. Exciting times are upon us the “latest and greatest” technologies and services can find their way to patients faster and easier.  

Read more at: https://www.forbes.com/sites/paulmartyn/2017/10/16/driving-the-clinically-integrated-supply-chain-in-healthcare/#6963aa077a50


#3: “Tech revolutionizing the Healthcare Supply Chain”

By The Boeing Center

Article Synopsis: The healthcare industry wants to cut costs through it’s supply chain. Jean-Claude Saghbini, CTO at Wolters Kluwer Health (and formerly of Cardinal Health), touches on advancements in healthcare technology that have recently been driving efficiency and reducing waste including RFID (radio frequency ID) and access to networks that can aggregate data.

Read more at: https://olinblog.wustl.edu/2017/10/tech-revolutionizing-healthcare-supply-chain/

Jean-Claude Saghbini