Back by popular demand, we are once again offering our on the conference floor only analysis of your supply chain business processes. If you show us one of your paper-based processes (New Product Request, Capital Expenditure Request, IT Request, Purchased Services Request for example), we will perform a free analysis of how your process could be digitally transformed within our product. Stop by our booth #1132 to take advantage of this offer!

Our free analysis by one of our experienced staff will demonstrate a working proof of concept of your form in our product as well as:

  • Suggestions on how to build your form to maximize standardization
  • Recommendations on how to setup appropriate access level to allow vendor submission and engagement
  • Advice on integrating commonly used data elements, such as vendor names, manufacturer names, and manufacturer catalog #s

We are so confidant that our Request Management Tool can automate any process flow that we are willing to prove it to you on the conference floor.

We believe that if a supply chain organization is going to be successful, then those great people equally need great tools. One of the best tools you can give your supply chain is a platform that connects everyone from physicians, clinicians, value analysis committees, project managers, contract managers, and executives.

Some of the top benefits our clients’ are achieving with a digital request form include:

All stakeholders are kept informed with Automated Email Alerts! 

  • Eliminate the need to send emails alerting someone that a request has been submitted and needs their review.
  • Never worry that your requestors are kept out of the loop. By providing them with a unique identifier and by keeping them informed with timely decision updates, your requestors will always know what the status is and who is working on their request!
  • Automated reminders ensure that reviewers do not forget about a request assigned to them, meaning your supply chain can review more requests faster.

Real-time Status Tracker means you always know who is working on what!

  • Never lose track of who is working on what when your dashboard updates real time. You’ll always know who is assigned to a particular request and  how long it has been with that person.
  • Get rid of costly tracker merging meetings. With an online dashboard, never worry about merging different Excel trackers, version control, or managing a master cop; repurpose all of that meeting time to actually dispositioning requests!
  • Eliminate duplicated work. Since you’ll know exactly who is reviewing which request, you’ll eliminate the chance of multiple people working the same item.

Every dollar saved goes directly to the bottom line!

  • Efficiency improvements result in the elimination of duplicate work and redundant steps.
  • Visibility improvements result in teams working through larger volumes of requests.
  • Standardization improvements result in processes adopted faster and no rogue approval processes.

Interested in hearing more? Find one of us at AHRMM booth #1132 to hear more about how SpendVu can digitally transform your supply chain strategic sourcing. Read more about our product solutions here.

Ken Castinado



Ken Castinado – VP of Sales







Deana Del Vecchio – Dir, Business Operations 




Maria Hames



Maria Hames – Healthcare Links Representative




See you in DC!