Automating Work Intake in Supply Chain

Our solution automates sourcing of everything from new products and services to capital and technology requests, using workflow routing and notifications, keeping you up to date from the get-go. It also gives you the ability to allocate tasks and track requests across the whole system.

Case Study

Using Value Management System, SpendVu provided a large hospital with a centralized and standardized system with the aim of improving turnaround time for product and service requests.


The hospital was struggling with multiple paper-based forms, manual routing via email, non-standard approvals and limited capacity; which was impacting their supply chain as a whole. Requests were only being processed after weeks or months, resulting in a high number of expedited requests, as well as an increase in stakeholder frustration.


After an initial period of discovery, the paper-based request forms were completely standardized and moved online. SpendVu developed custom routing, a notification process and workflows for each request type, making the tracking process simpler. Deployment and rollout were combined with training where required, ensuring rapid acceptance and uptake on the new, online request process.


Thanks to VMS, requestors receive status notifications on requests, as well as having the ability to track their progress. Now, not only are all product and service requests captured online but all IT, capital and local contract requests are processed through VMS, which has resulted in an 80% reduction in processing and decision making time.