Managing Supply Chain Activities and Pipeline Projects

We give the ability to manage a project pipeline for current and future fiscal years, from the preliminary project right through to the completed contract. This management can be applied to simple amendments or even large scale sourcing initiatives in the healthcare supply chain.


An IDN had a four-year program aimed at a 10% saving on non-labor expenses. The program involved hundreds of initiatives that were either planned or already underway. These initiatives were across all service lines, including PPI and non-preference items. While pipeline projects were tracked in Excel, there was very little visibility as to the status of projects, who was working on what, or what the forecasted savings could be. Staffing resources were overloaded by the sheer volume of work, which was compounded by having to keep multiple trackers in sync.


SpendVu deployed VMS over a two-month period, which included migrating supply chain projects onto the project management tool. The VMS also implemented specialty teams and roles that mirrored the sourcing, contracting and implementation of the new process.


Since implementation, users can now create and be assigned tasks with a single view of projects and tasks that are relevant to them. Thanks to VMS, all activities and communications – from engaging clinical committees within the research and analysis phase, through to implementation progress at the facility level post contracting – are on a single system controlled by role based access. Projects now move faster and allow key individuals to have a clear look at roles and expectations.