Streamlined User Interface with Dashboards Transforms Experience for Sourcing and Supply Chain Customers

SpendVu Launches Value Management System V3

San Francisco, CA – November 2, 2016 – SpendVu, a leading healthcare supply chain technology provider, today announced the V3.0 release of its Value Management System (VMS) featuring a completely redesigned user interface (UI) with a dedicated user Workspace to manage projects, contracts, notes, and tasks. For executive level management, VMS 3.0 has a brand new Dashboards section allowing analysts to easily build operational and financial reports. VMS is a cloud-based end to end healthcare supply chain solution that bridges procurement departments and enables collaboration ranging from clinicians to contract negotiators.

In VMS V3.0, SpendVu focused on the UI to provide major improvements in the user experience. Along with an improved layout and enhanced navigation, the new UI centers on the Workspace section providing users a “one-stop shop” for managing activities related to them, such as projects, contracts, notes, assigned tasks, and email communications. This section also contains a robust audit log of all changes across a user’s projects and contracts. Another new key feature is the Dashboards which enables executive and senior management insight into a variety of custom reports, including savings, optimization, key performance indicators (KPIs) and service-level agreements (SLAs), to understand and analyze activities across the healthcare organization.

“We are proud to launch VMS V3.0. We listened closely to our healthcare clients and developed a new UI to significantly improve their overall experience,” said Deana Del Vecchio, Director of Operations, SpendVu. “In this release, users will see a tighter bridge of information between different groups from value analysis to contract negotiators to data management. These new features and enhancements will help them perform their jobs more efficiently, and have a major impact on productivity and cost savings.”

VMS clients will benefit from the new features in this release, including:

  • Improved User Experience: New UI and Workspace allows users of various roles to see only the relevant work (projects, contracts, tasks, and notes) assigned to them as well as track deadlines. Users can save filters to help view and segment the projects and requests to improve efficiency and accomplish more on the most time-sensitive projects.
  • Insight into Performance: With Dashboards, senior staff can access a multitude of reports including KPIs, SLAs and workload distribution, enabling more informed data-driven decisions.
  • Increased Collaboration: For any request, project, or contract, users can now add forum-style private or public notes and easily upload and archive all relevant email communications for increased visibility and collaboration.

VMS V3.0 from SpendVu is available now. As a cross-organization solution, this release integrates all supply chain activities, starting from work intake and requisitioning, through to sourcing initiative (project and contract) management and contract implementation. VMS benefits all stakeholders, including clinicians, sourcing teams and the CFO.