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  1. 3 Steps in Using Applications and Data to Weather Supply Chain Storms
  2. Hospital Supply Chains Provide Money-Saving Opportunities
  3. 5 Disruptive Technologies We Can Embrace in Healthcare
  4. Why Unstructured Data Needs to Be Solved for Healthcare Innovation to Advance

#1: 3 Steps in Using Applications and Data to Weather Supply Chain Storms”
by Cory Turner

Article Synopsis: Creating a supply chain that is resilient to disruptions in the medical industry is not only key to a provider’s success, but critical to the well-being of its community especially during times of emergency such as when natural disasters hit. Without visibility into supply chain operations, hospitals are left scrambling for solutions. Pre-planning ensures supply chains are stable enough to withstand any natural disaster.  Identify and tackle the need.  Leverage the extended team.  Gather useful data.  

Read More At:  https://www.healthdatamanagement.com/opinion/3-steps-in-using-applications-and-data-to-weather-supply-chain-storms


#2: “Hospital Supply Chains Provide Money-Saving Opportunities”

Article Synopsis:  Hospitals have difficult cost-management tasks in any industry. With patients’ lives at stake, these organizations have to keep their budgets as slim and efficient as possible while never letting the quality of care slip. New technologies will be crucial in lightening the load on supply chain professionals, opening up opportunities for them to contribute more to the decision-making processes that drive real results.

Read More At:  http://www.strategicsourceror.com/2018/01/hospital-supply-chains-provide-money.html


#3: “5 Disruptive Technologies We Can Embrace in Healthcare”

Article Synopsis:  Technological innovations brought about by robotics, VR, automation, AI, 3D printing and drones are all worth investigating, having the potential to disrupt the health industry and ultimately improve it.

Read More At:  https://www.siliconrepublic.com/machines/healthcare-emerging-technologies


#4: Why Unstructured Data Needs to Be Solved for Healthcare Innovation to Advance”

by Gunjan Bhardwaj

Article Synopsis:  Healthcare was one of the biggest adopters of first-wave AI technology. Two areas where AI can contribute significantly in the near future is in the synthesis of the medical literature and in digitization of patient records.  There are current limitations to AI.  The author asks how proximal the future of AI really is, and how our “health” will change when it arrives.

Read More At:  https://www.techworm.net/2017/12/unstructured-data-needs-solved-healthcare-innovation-advance.html