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  1. Revolutionizing How Healthcare is Delivered
  2. GS1 US: Test Cards Support Barcode Verification Processes
  3. Blockchain in Healthcare: From Possible to Probable

#1: “Revolutionizing How Healthcare is Delivered”

By Toby Hay

Article SynopsisA viewpoint from FedEx Healthcare Solutions. They see the healthcare industry as global and border-less. The big technology shift sweeping the global connection of healthcare is that the supply chain is becoming part of the Internet of Things. The future of global healthcare is building smart, connected healthcare supply chains that are efficient, flexible, accessible, compliant and economically viable.

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#2: “GS1 US: Test Cards Support Barcode Verification Processes”

Article Synopsis: GS1 US now offers test cards created with a new, proprietary verification machine called the 1D Judge.  These cards aim to enhance confidence in barcode performance throughout the supply chain.

Read More At: https://www.healthcarepackaging.com/article/trends-and-issues/distribution/gs1-us-test-cards-support-barcode-verification-processes


#3: “Blockchain in Healthcare: From Possible to Probable”
By Wendy Almeida 

Article Synopsis: Healthcare is embracing Blockchain as a way to change the way we think about data interchangeability and security.  An article addressing who are the early adopters, what are the big ideas behind Blockchain and the tools used in development, and some of the pitfalls.

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