Never worry about losing track again!

With SpendVu, every step of the way is tracked so that you always know who is working on what and where in the process it is!

We designed a software platform specifically for the healthcare industry. We know how hard it can be to juggle delivering superior patient care while sourcing products and services at an affordable price.

Our easy to use, cloud-based solutions give you complete control over your supply chain operations. Design all of your business processes in a drag and drop interface and watch them go live within seconds! Manage all of your data across requests, projects, and contracts within one interface to generate overview reports.

Utilize SpendVu as a complete enterprise solution or as individual modules to support your specific needs. Our Saas solution connects your supply chain service lines, departments, and locations to form an integrated organization. Start realizing cost savings, efficiency, & visibility opportunities within your enterprise today.


Supply Chain Workflow Automation

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Automates work intake demand and manages simple-to-complex workflow routing, status updates, and notifications.

SpendVu’s Workflow Automation solution captures the input, decisions and/or esignatures of multiple stakeholders and transforms your manual processes into a more efficient, streamlined flow that encourages collaboration while also speeding up disposition times.

Key Features:

  • Creates simple to complex business processes with a drag and drop interface – no IT required!

  • Updates real time with latest status and assignee information

  • Engages all stakeholders electronically and captures input

  • Standardizes best practices system-wide

  • Simplifies the process for work intake to the supply chain

  • Maximizes your version control

  • Track performance indicators from a reportable dashboard

  • Controls vendor access with robust permissions

  • Encourages collaboration from internal OR external stakeholders

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Supply Chain Project Management

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Provides an online collaboration workspace to connect real and virtual teams to better track documents, notes, finances, and milestones.

With assignments, never lose track of who is actively managing the project. Financial reporting across all aspects of every project gives you visibility into the progress of targeted spend savings.

Key Features:

  • Provides a centralized, online collaborative environment

  • Tracks key milestone dates and project status updates

  • Governs project activities through standardized sourcing steps

  • Generates financial reporting showing your teams’ progress in meeting spend and savings targets

  • Engages teams and stakeholders to always show who is working on what

  • Accelerates project progress with automated tasks and alerts

  • Stores relevant project records in easily searchable repositories

  • Tracks targeted savings goals with financial analytics

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Supply Chain Contract Management

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Bridges ERP systems with traditional contract life-cycle management functionality to capture key attributes and streamline processes.

This solution allows you to create contracts and amendments within a project, capture all contract data, documents and notes, manage contract announcements, and track implemented financials.

Key Features:

  • Creates single view of contracts and underlying items

  • Bridges multiple contract management systems to act as a single source of truth

  • Automates vendor price file data cleansing process and auto assigns unique ID’s

  • Captures all contract metadata, documents, and notes

  • Displays an easy-to-view hierarchy of master and transactional agreements

  • Manages lifecycles and contract expiration dates

  • IReports on forecasted savings and spend vs actual savings and spend from your ERP

  • Pushes final-version item files directly into your ERP

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Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Missing Contract Expiration Dates

  • Paper forms and workflows

  • Lack of visibility 

  • Lack of standardization

  • Lack of accountability

  • Disparate data sources

  • Lack of engagement from internal or external stakeholders

  • Frustration from employees

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