Supply Chain Project Management

Sourcing Projects with Success

Healthcare systems operate in a dynamic environment. Transparency and understanding of sourcing projects is imperative to meet budgets. Our Supply Chain Project Management solution gives total control of sourcing projects across service lines, financials, and stakeholders.

Our solution provides a centralized collaborative environment for sourcing teams. Project activities are governed by a workflow engine that controls and manages best-practice sourcing strategies and guides projects through a series of standardized milestone steps. SpendVu provides financial reporting across all project dimensions, showing progress in meeting spend savings targets.


  • Track and improve overall organizational progress in real-time
  • Track targeted savings goals with in-depth financial reporting and analytics
  • Engage teams in a collaborative environment, capturing the knowledge of all stakeholders


  • Accelerate project progress through workflows which provide automated alerts and tasks
  • Store relevant project documentation in specific file repositories
  • Audit functions across all activities
  • Assign teams to work collaboratively on projects

Case Study

An IDN had a four-year program to yield 10% savings on non-labor expenses. The program involved several hundred initiatives that were either planned or underway. Initiatives were across all service lines and included PPI and non-preference items. While pipeline projects were tracked in Excel, there was very little visibility as to the status of projects, who was working on what, and what the forecasted saving were on pipeline, active and completed projects. Decision documents were stored in multiple places and numerous Excel trackers were used to manage and measure progress. Staffing resources were overloaded by the sheer volume of work, which was compounded by having to keep multiple trackers in sync. Executives had very little insight into forecasted savings and facility CFOs were growing less confident in the savings numbers and progress reported.

VMS was deployed over a two-month period which included migrating all supply chain projects onto the project management tool. Specialty teams and roles were created that mirrored the client’s organizational structure, which included project management, research and design, sourcing, contracting, and implementation. Project and contract fields were configured based on best practices with additional customization for IDN specific attributes. Milestones and workflows based on project type were configured. Deployment of VMS was preceded by a one-week period of user training and communication. Now all supply chain activities are tracked in VMS. All activities and communications from engaging clinical committees and sub-committees within the research and analysis phase through to implementation progress at the facility level post contracting are on a single system controlled by role based access. Projects are moving faster (resulting in recognizing savings sooner), staff resources are working a larger number of projects (through role based access, specialization and automation), participation from all service lines has increased (including ortho spine), implementations are better planned and are tracked at the facility level. C-suite has instant access to savings numbers, program-wide progress and lost opportunity reporting. Local CFOs have reliable savings numbers and clarity on how their facility is performing against system-wide savings and lost opportunities resulting in greater contract compliance and adoption.

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