The healthcare industry is undergoing a multi-faceted revolution. 2017 has only just tipped past the half way mark, and I already feel confident naming this the year of GPO conversions and EMR implementations. Change is in the air, and as Forrester puts it, we may be seeing the end of  the “dark ages of health IT”. With a constant deluge of information about FDA regulations, the ACA, and mergers/acquisitions (to name a few!), staying abreast can begin to feel like a full-time job!

Ispendvu-coffeef you were wondering to yourself and shaking your proverbial fist to the heavens, “If only I had a weekly curated newsletter that highlighted important information!”, well, you’re in luck! That’s exactly what we are doing. Each Friday, a new blog will be published with a select few articles that we at SpendVu find interesting, controversial, and/or enlightening.



So, sit back, grab a well-deserved cup of coffee (maybe a snack or two if you’re feeling particularly dangerous this Friday) and peruse the articles we have curated for you this week.


#1: “Healthcare Cloud Addresses Specific HIT Infrastructure Needs”

By Elizabeth O’Dowd for HIT Infrastructure

SpendVu’s thoughts: We find this article incredibly relevant to the current challenges healthcare organizations face as they begin the process of digital transformation to end the “dark ages of health IT.” [Forrester]. This article highlights some of the benefits of digital transformation; we would add to the list top benefits such as esignature integration, scalability, automated emails and alerts, centralization, and configuration.

Article Synopsis: What are the most relevant current and future demands healthcare organizations need from their IT infrastructure? Digital Transformation is what CIOs are relying on to end the “dark ages of health IT.” Forrester Research recently reported that the enterprise Healthcare cloud market is growing and addressing specific infrastructure needs.



#2: “Cloud-Based Healthcare Supply Chain Management Drives Market”

By Jacqueline Belliveau for RevCycle Intelligence

SpendVu’s thoughts: Survey results that “cloud-based healthcare supply chain management tools [have] highest client satisfaction scores, fastest implementation rates, and scalable total costs” comes as no surprise to us! And as the market continues to shift towards utilizing UDI information, we project that cloud-based tools will become more relevant than ever for information dissemination.

Article Synopsis: Software solutions are contributing significantly to the 8.9% predicted annual growth from 2017 – 2021 for the healthcare supply chain management market. Specifically cloud-based systems are gaining the greatest market share.  This is largely due to on-premise products tending to be more expensive to administer and operate. A 2016 Black Book survey revealed that 88% of healthcare CFOs prefer to replace obsolete and inefficient healthcare supply chain management systems with a cloud-based solution.



#3: Healthcare Supply Chain Management Market to hit 2.22 billion by 2022

By WhaTech – Medical Health & Life Science Research News

SpendVu’s thoughts: Besides the interesting oddity of all the 2’s in 2.22B by 2022, this article nicely juxtaposes the growing pains of supply chain against an often-confusing landscape of FDA requirements, software solutions, and the ever-looming demand to cut costs.

Article Synopsis: Market revenue reporting is in on the global healthcare supply chain management.  Estimated growth is to reach USD $2.22 billion.  Several factors are influencing the growth including rising adoption of cloud-based software solutions.